Wild Fire
A Hawk Tate Novel Book 6

The night was supposed to be a celebration.

The culmination of another successful season for the guide service Hawk Tate and his business partner, Kaylan Quick, run together. A joyous occasion that saw them eat, drink, and toast the passing of another year.

And ultimately ended with one of them in the hospital, both only narrowly escaping with their lives.

At the same time, five hundred miles to the west, Hawk’s former DEA teammate Shawn Martin and his wife are feeling equally festive. Back from a weeklong business trip, they put the children to bed and slip outside, hoping to enjoy some champagne and time together in the hot tub.

A plan that ends in ways neither of them could have ever imagined.

After years of working throughout Central and South America, targeting some of the largest drug runners in the world, the coordination of the events is too much to be coincidence. Someone is coming after their team, looking to right some perceived wrong.

Shocked and confused, Hawk is forced to plunge back into the life he left six years before. Relying on friends new and old, he begins to unravel what is happening, his hunt taking him across the western half of the United States in search of an answer that is much, much closer to home that he would have ever thought possible…

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