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This week…

Anybody that I've interacted with for longer than five minutes knows that my attention span tends to wander at times.  With that in mind, here are the random things that have caught my eye this week.  Does it have anything to do with writing or my work?  Absolutely not, but it might provide some small measure of entertainment value, and that's really what this is all about anyway, right?

Random Photo  

How is nature photographer not one of the coolest jobs on the planet?!

Random Song

Have You Ever Seen the Rain ~ CCR. One of the few songs that fits into most any occasion…

Random Movie

The Middle. Happy trails to a show that I got far too much pleasure out of over the years…

Random Quote

“We might not have had everything, but we sure did have a lot.” ~ Frankie Heck. The perfect quote to close out a show about a small town in the Midwest. 🙂

Random Book

Many folks know that I devour books and are often asking what I'm reading at any given time. Made sense to add it to the list…

Hell Bent ~Gregg Hurwitz. Never, ever sorry to read an Evan Smoak novel…

Guest Food Item of the Week

After going w/ a particular format for several years now, I am switching things up slightly and changing this to a food item of the week. Having been on the road for much of the last year, I've found that all of us are either (A) finding new delicious eats or (B) looking for them, on an almost-daily basis. As such, this space will be dedicated to those most tasty and delectable morsels found out there in the world. Homemade or store bought doesn't matter, just so long as it tastes good…

For those of you that have never tried Native American food, you're missing out. For serious.

Fry Bread Tacos. Tocabe ~ Denver, CO

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