This week I was intending to write about the NCAA tournament and share the picks that were going to alleviate Mr. Warren Buffett of a billion dollars…but then the games started and I was once again reminded that the tournament is best enjoyed strictly as a non-vested fan.

That being said, this week I am writing to share with you a couple of giveaways currently going if, like me, you appreciate things a little more in life that are acquired w/o actually having to pay for them.

The first one going on is being held my friend Maryline, a very nice girl and book blogger in Belguim. This week, in honor of her birthday, she is hosting a giveaway featuring the various authors she works with. There's something for everybody in this one, ranging from coursette ripping historical romance (so I'm told anyway) to my thrillers, which, well, aren't. All giveaways are packaged in groups of three, so these are a pretty solid value for anybody using e-readers.

The giveaway can be found HERE.

The second is one I am doing now on Story Cartel for the next couple of weeks. It is for Be My Eyes and comes with the hope/prayer for reviews after you've finished reading. Though that may serve as a small impediment to some, on the bright side there is no drawing/sweepstakes/etc. involved. Just stroll over, download, enjoy.

It can be found HERE.

And with that, I bid you happ

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