First and foremost, allow me to apologize profusely for being tardy in posting the last couple of weeks. This time of year (i.e., State legislative session), my day job becomes insanely busy. Couple w/ an admittedly over-ambitious writing calendar, the opportunities to post here have become somewhat thin as of late. Never again. You have my word.

That being said…today I cannot hold back any longer. I have no choice but to finally shed light on one of the most annoying aspects of living in Hawaii. (And as Mr. George Clooney opined in the beginning of The Descendants, there are some, whether people on the mainland would like to admit it or not). That aspect?

The locals who claim anything south of 75 degrees to be cold.

To be fair, I'm maaaaaybe not the best person to be weighing in here. Not b/c I myself get cold easily, but b/c my background is checkered w/ things such as four years spent in Boston, three years spent in the icy tundra of Montana, no less than ten blizzards endured. THOSE places were cold. And by cold, I mean fluids-freezing-in-your-car, eyelashes-growing-ice-crystals, people-start-wearing-thermal-underwear-beneath-their-jeans-in-October (for serious), cold.

Oahu? Oahu is not cold.

Look, I understand that it is February and the daily highs of 79 aren't quite the same 88 that we get everyday the rest of the year. But come on folks…have you been watching the news? Nemo just dumped three feet of snow on the northeast. My friends in Montana went two weeks last month w/ temps never rising out of the teens. Most every lake in the Dakotas is frozen solid.

Here? Ya might have to pull on a wet-shirt before going surfing. Possibly a long sleeve shirt if walking after sundown. That's it, I swear.

But to see these folks walking around, youd think they lived in the Aluetian instead of the Hawaiian Islands. Parkas in the morning. Sweaters to work every day. Hats and scarves while walking the streets in the evening.

Are you serious?!? You know how many people would kill for 75 degrees right now? (And trust me….you should. They arrive by the planeload ten times a day and are the reason we

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