Last week in the Superbowl, one of the key veterans that had helped turn Carolina's defense into the second coming of the Steel Curtain this year – Jared Allen – played his last game. At the time nobody knew about it, that afternoon just another in what had quasi-quietly been a fantastic twelve year career.

For those that only remember the last couple, when he was running on fumes as an undersized defensive end w/ Chicago and Carolina, you are woefully misinformed about someone who for many years was nothing short of a holy terror. Seriously…go back and watch some of his film from Kansas City and Minnesota….

…and be sure to enjoy his sack celebration, which for those of you that can't tell, is him doing his best calf roping impression.

Now…why does any of this warrant a blog post this morning?

Is it the fact that he played his college ball at Idaho State, and as a fellow Big Sky alum I feel the need to give a shout out? Valid, but not really.

B/c he's an unabashed rancher and mountain man? Respected, but again, no.

Actually, it was because this morning he announced his retirement on Twitter in one of the most low-key, yet at the same time awesome ways ever. Someday, when I decide to hang up my spurs, I'm going to make a point to ride off as well….sunset or not be damned.

Happy trails, sir…

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