Yes, I am aware that videos twice in a row is a bit of a cop-out, but this week I got hit with this one twice in a span of about three hours. The first was by my boy down in Texas who selected it as his song of the week (I think he thought, since this is the website of a writer and all…). The second was from a very nice woman in one of the writer's groups I belong to, who blasted it out while cackling in delight. (No seriously…she typed out cackling. Damnedest thing I ever saw)

Point being…Weird Al has been up and down for me over the years (Eat It and Fat were hilarious, Amish Paradise was even pretty funny…others left something to be desired), but this one is actually pretty spot-on for a writing nerd such as myself.

(Quick disclaimer…I am in no way claiming to be a grammar all-star. Far from it. I tend to believe the story should be the most important thing, even if occasionally written conventions fall by the wayside. At the same time…I am aware of this, and can identify w/ most of the things in this video…

Ah, crap. What I'm saying is…this is amusing. Take it as nothing more than.)

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